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    Sangria now has protected status in the EU and can only be called as such if made in Spain or Portugal. Of course this doesn’t apply if you are making it yourself – only if it is to be sold. This is quite handy as many people would say that the only good sangria is made from scratch. Unfortunately there is no one correct recipe with the only three common ingredients being red wine, orange juice and orange slices or pieces. All sorts of other ingredients are added including brandy, orange liqueur, Bacardi, vodka, lemonade and all sorts of different fresh fruit.

    As it is a typical Iberian concoction, at the Holiday Guide we believe it should be made with local ingredients so the red wine should be spanish and the only spirits should be spanish brandy or possibly a local orange liqueur. Fresh fruits should ideally be those most associated with the country – oranges or lemons. Why not have fun developing your own recipe.


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